The product is great. If you want the polka dots to really be seen, 2 coats should work. the first coat HAS to be dry otherwise the dots might move.
Taking it off is the problem. It looks really great on, but when you are trying to take it off, the dots kinda latch onto the cotton ball or the wipe. You will just have to press down a little bit and use your nail to drag off the left over pieces, or press down for a few seconds with the acetone and then wipe.


This polish goes on really well and has lots of micro glitter specks, but it’s REALLY hard to get the bigger glitter pieces on your nail – I got maybe one on each nail the first try and had to manipulate the larger pieces on my nail manually – this has potential – but definitely needs MORE large pieces of glitter in it.

The polish seems like it is composed of about 90% microglitter/10% dots, so being able to get some of the bigger dots onto your nails is already a bit of challenge. But then add in the fact that the dots are black, the bottle is black, and the brush to apply the polish is black, which means it’s impossible to see what you even have on your brush. It’s like painting blind. After three applications, I have some nails that have 3 dots on it and a couple of nails with that look like pepper exploded all over them in my attempt to get one freaking dot. Perhaps if Nubar made the brush with clear fibers, it would be easier to work with.


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