ImageEntourage is a vibrant lime green–it’s very much what I think of when someone says “lime green.” It’s not quite neon, and it’s actually not as bright as it could be, which is a good thing. I guess it’s kind of the like the interior of a lime, not the rind itself. I love the subtle shimmer that reflects in the light.

ImageCOLOR & FINISH: When I first saw Entourage in the bottle I thought it looked lime green. After wearing it though I found it to look more like the color of edamame beans. The color has a very subtle shimmer that is more visible in the bottle than on my actual nails. Entourage reads like a cream with a touch of subtle shimmer on my nails. The shimmer can be enhanced by adding a high gloss tc like Seche Vite. Entourage looks really cool with a matte tc as well.

COATS & WEAR: Entourage is a three coater for me. No issues with application though – it went on smoothly and easily..

BOTTOM LINE: Entourage is another China Glaze color that impressed me more after I got it onto my nails. I loved how my nails looked in that fresh edamame bean color! 😀 I can’t get my hands on enough green nail polish so I bought Entourage quite blindly in one of my “it’s green and therefore I must buy it” mindsets. I’m glad I got it though. I love how it looks matte best of all.



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