BELI SNACK – Juchheim Chocolate

BELI SNACK – Juchheim Chocolate

ImageJuchheim one type Baumkuchen Chocolate Cake (Layer Cake) that was first created in Japan by Karl Juchheim. This cake is The King Of Cake, Germany and Japan. Juchheim Chocolate is a traditional German cake.


Baumkuchen literally means “tree cakes”, presumably because its layers resemble the growth rings of trees. Each layer of the baumkuchen is made with soft batter produced by whisking the egg yolk and egg white separately, and the emulsifying of the egg yolk and the foaminess of the egg white produce a soft and fluffy texture.

ImageKarl Joseph Wilhelm Juchheim (December 25, 1886 – August 14, 1945) was a German confectioner who first introduced Japan to baumkuchen, a traditional German layered cake.[1] The Juchheim Company, founded by Karl Juchheim and his wife in 1921, continues to sell baumkuchen and other sweets according to Juchheim’s original recipe in pastry shops throughout Japan.


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