Samyang Ramen Review

Annyeonghseyo dear readers!

This very post will be slightly different than the usual’s! First and foremost, we would like to slip in a few secrets about one of our authors. Her love for spiciness is impeccable where doses of chili are just the mere start of every meal followed by dashes of sambal chilli (Malay for chili paste). And therefore, I would like to introduce this very product to you guys whom share the same odd interest too. My sincere apologies to whom who can not take even a gist of spiciness. Mian!


Samyang Fried Spicy Chicken Paper Cup Noodles




Samyang Fried Spicy Chicken Noodles (140g)













Spiciness: 10/10

Taste: 7/10

Texture: ??/10

Ingredients: Wheat flour, onion extract, red chili seed oil, garlic, etc

Packaging: 8/10

 In justification to what’s shared above for the review, I would like to emphasized that all the ratings are  merely just a humble personal opinion from a lovely food lover. And without any waste of time, let me have the honor to recognize this product as one of the spiciest instant noodles I have tried or probably will ever try, period! (Do recommend if there are any spicier instant noodles out there- You will be rewarded generously). 2013_4_18_1028_004 The only reason, there is a seven out of the whole ten, the taste of the sauce is as flavorful as the other noodles I have tried. Did not really find it anything special except that for by the third to fourth mouthful of the noodles, my taste buds were numb as a sore thumb. So, that is how spicy it can be.  Texture vise, it really depends on how well you cook your instant noodles. Time period? Springiness of noodles? fired_spicy_chicken_noodle2That is very dependent on your skills to judge. Everything that is imported in would be sure expensive. So, just give a try and challenge your taste buds with a stronghold mentality..

Anyoung hee gaseyo!





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Orly-Baked Review

Hello There Everyone!!! Today I have to share with you 3 of the Orly Baked Collection. When this collection caught my attention I was super stoked that we were going to get them here in Australia. So when I had the opportunity to share 3 of the amazing colours with you today I totally jumped at the chance!!!!
The Baked collection consists of 6 polishes which are all bright and neon. As a collection I think it is one of the best neon collections out there ATM. All the colours look amazing.
 I have Saturated, Tropical Pop and Neon Heat to share today.
Saturated- Is a bright Indigo/Purple neon creme. This polish was a real hard polish to photograph and honestly unless your PC/tablet/Iphone screen is calibrated the colour may not look to you in these swatches as it does in real life. It was one of those colour that is just impossible to photograph. On my camera screen the polish looked totally different to the actual polish but on my PC screen it looked ok. 
Ok so on to the polish. This is an amazing colour. I cannot tell you all enough that EVERYONE NEEDS THIS IN THEIR COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!! the formula was to die for, and in 2 coats it was opaque, plus on top of the amazingness of the colour it is UV reactive so under black light,which you will see in some nail art i’ll add at the end of the post. Then to top it all off you DON’T need a white base as so many neons require! I just cannot rave about it enough!



Neon Heat- Is a super bright Pink polish. This is again an amazing polish. The formula was fantastic and again a white base coat was not needed. I just used 2 coats by itself. I could have even got away with one coat the pigment is so dense in the polish. You will see how opaque they are when you see the nail art as I only used one coat when creating and layering the colours.



Tropical Pop- Is a neon orange creme. Once again the formula was just amazing! and only 2 coats for opacity with no white base coat either! I am just well….speechless that I can use these neons and not have to use a white base! I wish all neons were this awesome! Also like the other 2 polishes Tropical Pop is UV reactive. So black lights make it glow soooo very much!!!!!!



After swatching these colours the post came and I received some So I HAD to give them a go with these amazing colours! then pop them under a black light!!!!!

saturated,tropical pop and neon heat under black light using large chevrons.


saturated,tropical pop and neon heat using large chevrons


saturated and small zigzags.


saturated and neon heat with lighting bolts.
As you can see these cremes are great for nail art and stand out in both normal light as well as black light.
you can purchase The Backed Collection by Orly at your local salon.
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OPI Coca Cola Collection

What OPI Coca-Cola soft drink personality are you? A classic beauty? Fashion-forward and trendy? Sweet and playful? Or maybe you’re a little dark and mysterious. Well now you can wear your soft drink love on your nails with the OPI Coca-Cola Summer nail polish collection launching this month!

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 full collection
So here’s the scoop on the 9 shades available followed by some pretty pictures:

  • Sorry I’m Fizzy Today – Creamy pink, inspired by Vanilla Coke
  • You’re So Vain-illa –  Creamy nude, inspired by Vanilla Coke
  • Get Cherried Away – Black cherry, inspired by Cherry Coke
  • My Signature is “DC” – Shimmery silver, inspired by Diet Coke
  • Coca-Cola Red – Classic red, inspired by Coca-Cola
  • A Grape Affair – Deep, dark purple, inspired by Fanta Grape
  • Today I Accomplished Zero – Black with red sparkle, inspired by Coke Zero
  • Green on the Runway – Deep lime, inspired by Sprite
  • Get Cherried Away – Black cherry, inspired by Cherry Coke
  • Orange You Fantastic! – Juicy orange glitter, inspired by Fanta Orange

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection A Grape Affair nail polish
A Grape Affair – a deep warm purple creme that has a crazy high-shine finish!

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection A Grape Affair nail polish bottle
Look at that glossy shine!

2 coats, no top coat. This definitely needs 2 coats to even out if you’re sticking to thin coats. Wear time is about a week, which is typical with OPI cremes!
Yea, I know. This is a cream soda can. You try finding a single can of Fanta Grape in Toronto!


OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Green on the Runway nail polish
Green on the Runway – lime metallic green that shifts to yellowy-copper.

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Green on the Runway nail polish bottle
This one has such a multiple personality. I love when duochrome polishes show their shift off easily!

2 coats, no top coat. Wear time is only a couple days if you don’t seal it in! I think if this was green shifting to blue it would have been a perfect match for the can. But I love this anyway. It is so freakin’ gorgeous.

Swoooon! Look at that colour shift. You definitely need 2 coats for this one. It can get streaky if you’re not careful.

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Coca Cola Red nail polish
Coca-Cola Red – a classic true red creme for a classic soft drink!

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Coca Cola Red nail polish bottle
This red leans a bit cool/blue-toned and has a really nice gloss finish.

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Coca Cola Red nail polish swatch
As I’ve said already this week, you can never have enough classic red lips and nails!
I’m getting thirsty…


OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Orange You Fantastic nail polish
Orange You Fantastic – an orange-tinted jelly with loads of bubbly orange, gold and red glitters!

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Orange You Fantastic nail polish bottle
This polish is packed with “bubbles!”

Two generous coats, no top coat. It really does remind me of a fizzy pop.

This dries down fairly matte and a bit grainy. Definitely need a top coat to seal this up.

OPI Coca Cola Summer 2014 collection Orange You Fantastic nail polish over Coca Cola Red
BONUS Orange You Fantastic over Coca-Cola Red!


Truth be told, along with being a limited edition junkie, I am also a bit of a pop addict (although my addiction is to Diet Dr. Pepper). So this collection is definitely made for someone like me.

SUPERSTAR: Green on the Runway. I can’t get enough of that colour shift!

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