Orly-Baked Review

Hello There Everyone!!! Today I have to share with you 3 of the Orly Baked Collection. When this collection caught my attention I was super stoked that we were going to get them here in Australia. So when I had the opportunity to share 3 of the amazing colours with you today I totally jumped at the chance!!!!
The Baked collection consists of 6 polishes which are all bright and neon. As a collection I think it is one of the best neon collections out there ATM. All the colours look amazing.
 I have Saturated, Tropical Pop and Neon Heat to share today.
Saturated- Is a bright Indigo/Purple neon creme. This polish was a real hard polish to photograph and honestly unless your PC/tablet/Iphone screen is calibrated the colour may not look to you in these swatches as it does in real life. It was one of those colour that is just impossible to photograph. On my camera screen the polish looked totally different to the actual polish but on my PC screen it looked ok. 
Ok so on to the polish. This is an amazing colour. I cannot tell you all enough that EVERYONE NEEDS THIS IN THEIR COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!! the formula was to die for, and in 2 coats it was opaque, plus on top of the amazingness of the colour it is UV reactive so under black light,which you will see in some nail art i’ll add at the end of the post. Then to top it all off you DON’T need a white base as so many neons require! I just cannot rave about it enough!



Neon Heat- Is a super bright Pink polish. This is again an amazing polish. The formula was fantastic and again a white base coat was not needed. I just used 2 coats by itself. I could have even got away with one coat the pigment is so dense in the polish. You will see how opaque they are when you see the nail art as I only used one coat when creating and layering the colours.



Tropical Pop- Is a neon orange creme. Once again the formula was just amazing! and only 2 coats for opacity with no white base coat either! I am just well….speechless that I can use these neons and not have to use a white base! I wish all neons were this awesome! Also like the other 2 polishes Tropical Pop is UV reactive. So black lights make it glow soooo very much!!!!!!



After swatching these colours the post came and I received some So I HAD to give them a go with these amazing colours! then pop them under a black light!!!!!

saturated,tropical pop and neon heat under black light using large chevrons.


saturated,tropical pop and neon heat using large chevrons


saturated and small zigzags.


saturated and neon heat with lighting bolts.
As you can see these cremes are great for nail art and stand out in both normal light as well as black light.
you can purchase The Backed Collection by Orly at your local salon.
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