Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – Review & Swatches!

Anymore, in the beauty world, if you hear the word “nude” or “naked” it stirs excitement but not for the reasons everyone else stirs with excitement when hearing those words. I think our makeup-obsessed ears have become rather jaded with the sexual undertones of a lot of makeup names, amirite NARS Orgasm blush?
In any case, I am very excited to share with you Urban Decay’s newest eyeshadow palette: Naked Basics. It contains six “matte” (in quotations because it’s not 100% matte) eyeshadows that are supposed to compliment the Naked and Naked 2 palettes seamlessly. Does it live up to that claim? Let’s take a look!

The packaging is a refreshing upgrade from the previous two Nakeds in that it’s slim, sleek, and very travel-friendly with a slightly rubberized finish. They also skipped out on unnecessary brushes and kept in a generously-sized mirror on the lid. The entire thing is just a bit smaller than my iPhone 4S so it’s more petite than you’d think!

There are 6 full-sized shadows in total. Venus which is a satin shade similar to Virgin from the Naked Palette. The other 5 are true mattes which have a nice silky texture compared to mattes from other companies.

Venus / Foxy / Walk of Shame / Naked 2 / Faint / Crave

Venus:  Satin pale cream
Foxy:  Matte peachy beige (also in the Naked 2 palette)
Walk of Shame:  Matte pinky beige (comes with the 6-pan Build Your Own palette)
Naked 2:  Matte pale taupe
Faint:  Matte dusty brown
Crave:  Matte black-brown

I really adore the concept of a matte palette but in my swatches you can obviously see the slight complaint I have here. On my skintone, three of the shades (Foxy, Walk of Shame, and Naked 2) nearly disappear! I won’t lie, I would definitely still use the heck out of Foxy and Walk of Shame separately as highlight shadows but I would’ve preferred a shade between Naked 2 and Faint that could have been used cohesively instead of including two nearly-identical highlight shades. I had high hopes of Naked 2 being a nice blending color but I just think it’s too cool and near my skin color to give it any edge over my favorite Buck eyeshadow.

All in all I love Venus, Foxy/Walk of Shame (if there was only one and not both), Faint, and Crave which are 4/6 shadows. I’m just not sure that 66.66% means I need it since as they said, it works best as a companion to the first two Naked palettes. I am fully 100% happy travelling with just my original Naked so this for me would instead be a handy sidekick to my colored eyeshadows that could be mixed with these neutrals if I wanted to travel very light.

It goes without saying that if I had a lighter skintone or had more concerns with wrinkles (mattes look fantastic on more mature ladies) this would be a more versatile palette. At $27 it’s a steal for 6 full, high-quality eyeshadows as well.




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The Dermatology Review For Glamglow

GlamGlow is a line of volcanic mud-based exfoliating masks originally created for Hollywood actors, musicians, and performers as a way to have camera-ready skin. The GlamGlow product line is now widely available to the general public at $69 for a jar that promises 17 applications or over 1,000 spot treatments.

What’s in GlamGlow?

All GlamGlow products are considered to be gentle exfoliators and cleansers that can be used on most skin types. For example, the GlamGlow Super Mud product promises to remove dirt from pores, creating the appearance of nearly pore-less, tighter skin. At the same time, GlamGlow Super Mud is designed to deliver nourishing chemical compounds to your skin. Overall, the main features of their face masks were designed to help the skin in the following ways:

Top Products 2014

  • Teaoxi – derived from eucalyptus leaves, this patent-pending technology is said to deliver a time released dose of flavonoids and eucalyptol. Flavonoids can act as antioxidants to help repair aging skin. The formulation stimulates natural collagen cells as well, which can give skin more needed firmness.
  • Acnecidic-6 – GlamGlow carries a 4.4% concentration of acnecidic-6 to clear pores and get rid of acne and remove blackheads. The acne-fighting benefits are designed primarily to deal with adult blemishes on skin as the acnecidic-6 also contains age-fighting nutrients.
  • Pore-Matrix – a charcoal-based formulation is designed to draw out toxins from the skin and clear out pores.
  • Bio life Cell Science – ingredients in the bio life cell science technology are said to rejuvenate skin and reduce the signs of aging. Some ingredients behind the technology include eucalyptus leaf to get rid of acne scars and skin imperfections, licorice root to help regulate skin and prevent skin discoloration, chamomile to alleviate skin inflammation, and ivy to help tighten skin.
  • Volcanic pumice rock – one of the main ingredients of the mask, volcanic pumice rock, is designed to provide multi-level skin exfoliation.
  • French Sea Clay – known for absorbing toxic substances from the skin, French sea clay supplements charcoal to give the skin a tingling sensation while ridding the skin of impurities and pathogens.

How to Use GlamGlow

To use GlamGlow, apply approximately one quarter-sized dollop of the mask solution onto your face, smoothing it evenly across the skin. It is recommended that you work quickly to ensure proper coverage, because the mask tends to dry fast. After the mask is applied, allow it to dry for ten to twenty minutes. If you keep the mask on for the full 20 minutes and notice that your skin is excessively dry after treatment, you can decrease the time to meet the needs of your particular skin type.

It is normal to see black dots appearing on top of the mask when it is drying. It is the effect of the charcoal and French sea clay pulling substances from your skin. You can also expect some skin tingling during this skin care treatment. You will know the mask is completely dry when it changes to a light green color and becomes hard in texture. To remove the mask, it is recommended that you rinse it off with warm water, scrubbing lightly with your fingertips in a circular motion to completely exfoliate your skin.

Each mask can be used for all skin types, but if you have dry skin, you should forego any scrubbing when you wash off GlamGlow, and you may require extra moisturizing after use. GlamGlow does make skin more susceptible to sunburn so users should always wear a strong sun block, especially the day after treatment. It is recommended that you use GlamGlow one to two times a week for optimal effects. As with any face exfoliator, using this product more often may cause excessively dry skin and skin damage.




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Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo Review

Kali ini aku mau cerita tentang shampoo kuda alias Mane ‘n Tail yang lagi hits dijual oleh online shop di segala penjuru Indonesia. Akhirnya kesampaian juga nih nyobain! Gara-garanya salah satu teman kantorku di PPF suka cerita tentang shampoo ini, jadi makin “panas” pengen coba.
Asli deh sebenarnya packaging shampoo ini sama sekali gak menarik buat aku, tapi “konon” shampoo ini bisa ngurangin rontok sama menebalkan & memanjangkan rambut, aku jadi ikut-ikutan coba deh! Tapi ternyataaaa… AKU COCOK! Hehehe banyak yang complain katanya pakai shampoo kuda jadi gak halus dll, tapi mungkin karena rambutku agak “badak” alias tahan apa aja jadi aku pakai malah makin halus tuh. OK aku ceritain sedikit ya tentang varian shampoo yang aku punya.

 photo manentail-4_zps262077dc.jpg
Original – untuk rambut normal
Mane ‘n Tail yang original ini untuk rambut normal. Varian ini bisa membantu mempercepat penyuburan rambut, kaya dengan formula mikro protein eksklusif yang bikin rambut lembut dan berkilau tanpa mengikis minyak alami dan dihasilkan kulit kepala. Sejauh ini aku paling cocok pakai varian Original. Rontok berkurang, rambutku juga gak gampang lepek/berminyak. Very recommended!

Deep Moisturizing – untuk rambut rusak dan kering
Selain bikin rambut subur dan ngurangin rontok, varian ini juga lebih lembut dibanding varian lainnya. Memang cocok untuk rambut kering. Tapi karena rambut aku normal, pakai ini jadi malah terlalu halus. Paling aku pakai sekali-kali kalau rambutnya habis disasak atau kena hair styling tool yang panas. Anehnya dari 3 varian shampoo yang aku punya, Deep Moisturizing malah bikin rambut aku kaku. Tapi suamiku bilang (iya, aku juga minta suamiku coba biar bisa review bareng hahaha), justru suka karena malah gampang diatur dan lebih terlihat tebal. Nah, kemungkinan nih memang shampoo Mane ‘n Tail memang cocoknya buat yang rambut tipis. Rambutku tebal bgt (malah kadang terlalu tebal) jadi pakai varian ini kurang cocok, malah kaku – aku sukanya yang bikin lembut.

Herbal Gro Shampoo
Varian ini lebih untuk menjaga dan menguatkan rambut. Setelah 2 minggu pakai varian Herbal Gro memang rambut rontok aku lumayan berkurang. Tadinya lebay abis rontoknya, sekarang udah lumayan sih sejak pakai shampoo ini. Herbal Gro diklaim dapat mempercepat pertumbuhan rambut, menjaga akar supaya lebih kuat & gak gampang rontok, mengontrol minyak di kulit kepala, mengurangi ketombe dan menjaga rambut dan sinar matahari. So far so good!

Herbal Gro Spray Therapy
Spray ini bukan hairspray yang kaku nyebelin tapi spray sebelum rambut distyling/blow/catok supaya rambut gak kering, gak gampang rusak, tetap sehat dan shiny. Biasanya aku pakai pas rambut setengah basah, baru deh aku keringin seperti biasa. Dibandingan dengan Leave-In Cream Therapy, aku jauh lebih suka spray karena lebih praktis, gampang dibawa dan aplikasinya juga gampang.

Herbal Gro Leave-In Cream Therapy
Pertama kali liat jar-nya aku kira ini untuk creambath, tapi ternyata ini adalah conditioner tanpa bilas. Cara pakainya tinggal dioles tipis-tipis habis keramas (bisa pas rambutnya basah atau setengah basah). Terus tinggal di blow dry aja seperti biasa. Pengalamanku pakai Leave-In Cream Therapy ini di kulit kepala malah jadi berminyak, jadi lebih baik dioles dikit aja di ujung rambut karena rambutku sering dicatok/blow dry. Tapi ternyata pas aku tanya ke reseller Mane ‘n Tail, krim ini lebih cocok untuk yang rambutnya kering atau rusak. Karena tipe rambutku lemes jadi pakai krim ini malah lepek banget.

 photo manentail-3_zps0b012a55.jpg
So far sih, aku selama pakai shampoo kuda ini gak pernah ada masalah – malah masalahku berkurang! Soalnya ada temanku yang jadi ketombean dan masalah jadi kasar. Itu balik lagi ke kondisi rambut dan kulit kepala masing-masing orang, cocok atau gak. Lalu aku juga baca-baca review banyak yang rambutnya jadi tumbuh dan lebat karena shampoo ini.

Kalo kamu tanya aku produk Mane ‘n Tail yay or nay? Aku jawab YAY!

Karena terbukti bisa ngurangin rontok, rambutku jadi lebih lembut dan wanginya enaknya! Kalo ditanya berapa banyak berkurangnya, aku bisa bilang dalam dua minggu ini sudah berkurang 20-30 persen. Rambutku juga gak gampang lepek dan berminyak, jadi aku bisa keramas setiap dua hari sekali sekarang. Selain itu bisa pesan online karena aku suka males/lupa kalau beli shampoo hahahaha. Mengingat shampoo ini berkhasiat untuk rambut aku, harganya jadi reasonable karena shampoo import lain yang untuk hair treatment harganya lebih mahal. Okay, segitu dulu review aku. Mudah-mudahan pada cocok juga yaaa sama shampoo kuda

DISCLAIMER: All opinions and thoughts on everything featured on this blog are entirely my own. People can be allergic to anything. I recommend that you patch test your skin the first time you use any of products. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.

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China Glaze All Aboard Collection Fall 2014

Today kind of flew by and that means the end of my long weekend. I wish I had a few more days off to just be lazy, but I guess being able to pay the bills is more important, right? I know tomorrow is going to be cray cray at work, but at least the day will go by quickly. So this weekend I did some insane amount of swatching, and one of the collections that I swatched is the China Glaze All Aboard Collection for Fall 2014. Normally I break up my posts into two since traditionally China Glaze puts out two six piece sets for their seasonal collections, but today I just decided to post everything together. I’m kind of super excited about this collection because it might just be a Renaissance for China Glaze since I’ve been so disappointed in recent times with some of the collections they have put out. Even the fact that this is a train inspired collection appeals to me because I absolutely adore trains. When I was in France, I always took the train everywhere. My favorite thing to do was get on the train at 7 pm and I’d arrive in Florence early the next morning. It was magical! I have quite a few train stories but I won’t get in to that right now because I’ll never get to the polishes. Before I start blabbing away, let me show you what I’m talking about.

China Glaze All Aboard 1China Glaze All Aboard 2China Glaze All Aboard

China Glaze Cho-Cho Choose You 1China Glaze Cho-Cho Choose You 2China Glaze Cho-Cho Choose You

China Glaze Conduct Yourself 1China Glaze Conduct Yourself 2China Glaze Conduct Yourself

China Glaze Don't Get Derailed 1China Glaze Don't Get Derailed 2China Glaze Don’t Get Derailed

China Glaze Loco-motive 1 over What Are You A-freight OfChina Glaze Loco-motive 2 over What Are You A-freight OfChina Glaze Loco-motive (over What Are You A-freight Of?)

China Glaze Lug You Designer Baggage 1China Glaze Lug You Designer Baggage 2China Glaze Lug You Designer Baggage

China Glaze Mind The Gap 1China Glaze Mind The Gap 2China Glaze Mind The Gap

China Glaze One Track Mind 1China Glaze One Track Mind 2China Glaze One Track Mind

China Glaze Nice Caboose 1China Glaze Nice Caboose 2China Glaze Nice Caboose

China Glaze Stop That Train! 1China Glaze Stop That Train! 2China Glaze Stop That Train!

China Glaze Well Trained 1China Glaze Well Trained 2China Glaze Well Trained

China Glaze What Are You A-freight Of 1China Glaze What Are You A-freight Of 2China Glaze What Are You A-freight Of?

Holy polishgasm, Batman! Let me tell you something: this collection blew my socks off. It’s almost as perfect as the On Safari Collection from a couple of years ago–yes, it’s THAT good. I can honestly tell you that the only one I didn’t care for is Stop That Train! cause it’s kind of frosty and orange–ick! However, every other polish is just pure perfection. The cremes are fabulous and the shimmers are killer. I know that for most people, the stand-out shade will be Cho-Cho Choose You, and all I could think about when I wore it was this:

Hahaha! Ralph might just be my favorite Simpsons character–It’s so hard to pick just one! I do love Cho-Cho Choose You and also love Mind The Gap because it’s one of those ugly/pretty colors that always pull me in. The formula on all of these is fantastic–they all needed two coats and some of the cremes could be one coaters if you apply them carefully. I know I tend to be a little harsh with my China Glaze reviews sometimes, but it is only because I expect so much from the brand–they really were the first brand that pulled me in when my polish obsession began. From all the Fall collections I have seen, I think this is THE collection of the season. I’m sorry if this is causing stress to your bank accounts–well, not really cause if it wasn’t me, it would be someone else and I quite enjoy being part of the enabling circle of polish life. What do you think about these beauties? Are there any colors that you are going to pick up? Thanks so much for the visit, and I will talk to you later!

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