Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – Review & Swatches!

Anymore, in the beauty world, if you hear the word “nude” or “naked” it stirs excitement but not for the reasons everyone else stirs with excitement when hearing those words. I think our makeup-obsessed ears have become rather jaded with the sexual undertones of a lot of makeup names, amirite NARS Orgasm blush?
In any case, I am very excited to share with you Urban Decay’s newest eyeshadow palette: Naked Basics. It contains six “matte” (in quotations because it’s not 100% matte) eyeshadows that are supposed to compliment the Naked and Naked 2 palettes seamlessly. Does it live up to that claim? Let’s take a look!

The packaging is a refreshing upgrade from the previous two Nakeds in that it’s slim, sleek, and very travel-friendly with a slightly rubberized finish. They also skipped out on unnecessary brushes and kept in a generously-sized mirror on the lid. The entire thing is just a bit smaller than my iPhone 4S so it’s more petite than you’d think!

There are 6 full-sized shadows in total. Venus which is a satin shade similar to Virgin from the Naked Palette. The other 5 are true mattes which have a nice silky texture compared to mattes from other companies.

Venus / Foxy / Walk of Shame / Naked 2 / Faint / Crave

Venus:  Satin pale cream
Foxy:  Matte peachy beige (also in the Naked 2 palette)
Walk of Shame:  Matte pinky beige (comes with the 6-pan Build Your Own palette)
Naked 2:  Matte pale taupe
Faint:  Matte dusty brown
Crave:  Matte black-brown

I really adore the concept of a matte palette but in my swatches you can obviously see the slight complaint I have here. On my skintone, three of the shades (Foxy, Walk of Shame, and Naked 2) nearly disappear! I won’t lie, I would definitely still use the heck out of Foxy and Walk of Shame separately as highlight shadows but I would’ve preferred a shade between Naked 2 and Faint that could have been used cohesively instead of including two nearly-identical highlight shades. I had high hopes of Naked 2 being a nice blending color but I just think it’s too cool and near my skin color to give it any edge over my favorite Buck eyeshadow.

All in all I love Venus, Foxy/Walk of Shame (if there was only one and not both), Faint, and Crave which are 4/6 shadows. I’m just not sure that 66.66% means I need it since as they said, it works best as a companion to the first two Naked palettes. I am fully 100% happy travelling with just my original Naked so this for me would instead be a handy sidekick to my colored eyeshadows that could be mixed with these neutrals if I wanted to travel very light.

It goes without saying that if I had a lighter skintone or had more concerns with wrinkles (mattes look fantastic on more mature ladies) this would be a more versatile palette. At $27 it’s a steal for 6 full, high-quality eyeshadows as well.




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