ImageLuxe Caviar Nail Kit by Ciate
* Metallic base coat nail polish
* With a long-wearing, chip-resistant formula
* Signature long handled brush for a precise application
* Tonal caviar beads for a 3D statement finish
* Comes with a funnel to place the spare beads back in the pot

Caviar gets a grown-up Luxe twist! The inspiration behind the Ciaté Caviar Manicure ® came about when Charlotte, Ciaté’s Creative Director, was looking to create 3-dimensional nails for a front cover magazine shoot. Knight has given Caviar a covetable jewellery twist, upgrade your manicure with the Caviar luxe.
Charlotte Knight, creative director of Ciate is one of the nail industry’s best kept secrets, creating her fashion nail brand with a luxurious edge. Seeing nails as the perfect canvas for personal expression and the ultimate in statement accessorising, Ciate’s shimmer, pearl, metallic and iridescent nail varnishes sit alongside the cult classic Caviar manicure.

Imageusage :
– Work on one nail at a time and apply two coats of the enclosed Ciaté Paint Pot shade.

– Place your finger over the tray and sprinkle Caviar pearls over your painted nail

– ensuring you do this whilst the nails are still wet.
Once fully covered, gently press and compact the Caviar pearls into your nail bed to

– ensure durability.
Place the mini funnel into the Caviar pearls bottle and tilt the tray over the funnel to pour in your precious beads.

– Once finished, leave your nails to completely dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Voila! You now have perfectly Caviar manicured nails.

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